“Anything you want” is a very outstanding book written by Derek Sivers.

Derek Sivers is a writer, musician, entrepreneur, producer, and book publisher who belongs to California and lives in New Zealand. Telling about himself, he says that I’m a slower thinker and loves to think from a different point of view.

He wrote the book “Anything You Want” in 2011, which contains many life lessons that everyone must be aware of. We will suggest you must buy the book and read it for gaining some important and wisdom life lessons to gain astonishing success in business as well as in life.

Key Ideas:

The book contains the following key ideas.

  • Doing business for solving problems is more rewarding than doing it for your self gains only.
  • Money is not everything you can make for doing.
  • You don’t need money to help people.

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“Anything You Want” Book Summary



  1. Never be afraid of failure in your first attempt, it will only stop you from taking another chance. 
  2. You may be starting a business for making money rather, think of making dreams come true for yourself and others is far greater than that.  
  3. Making a company make business more interesting and streamlined is a good way to improve yourself and others.
  4. Making a company is liking making your own dreamland where your can design your ideal world.
  5. Money is not everything you can make for doing.
  6. Doing business for solving problems is more rewarding than doing it for your self-gains only.
  7. You can be successful with continuous improvement with determination instead of doing obsolete things.
  8. You don’t need money to help people because the fear of losing money would not be a hurdle.
  9. Whatever idea you have now, is in doubt, you may not find a problem until you start implementing it.
  10. You are not here to please everyone, oblige what is working best for your goals.
  11. You should make a system to run a business instead of dependent upon you.
  12. The point to do anything is to be happy, so do what makes you joyful.
  13. Do what you love to do, so you will feel like you didn’t work a single day in your whole life.
  14. Deep research around customer circles about your business idea can make you successful.
  15. Read this quote “If I am given an hour to chop the tree, I will spend 50 minutes sharpening my ax”
  16. Necessity leads to invention. The necessity of people will make your ideas successful if it is inline.
  17. Your customer is your and business boss. Means make a plan according to what is the best fit for your customers, not what is best in your mind.
  18. Whatever leads you got until now is enough to keep your business running with profit, you have to make plans for earning money from your existing customers.
  19. Starting small towards solving a real problem for real people is what you got to be successful in life.
  20. Be sure why you are really doing for people and what you are doing
  21. Take care of your customers and your business’s future will be taken care of itself.
  22. Manage a business in line with customer needs and towards problem-solving, it will make money work for you.
  23. Your unhappy customers are a learning source while your happy customers are motivation.
  24. Differentiate your business in a unique way and stand out from the competition.
  25. Your potential is more than what is already being done in the world.
  26. It’s about where you want to go (Vision), not what you want to have (Typical).
  27. Be sure to be able to put your business on autopilot in such a way you create an ecosystem.
  28. You have to delegate powers on the trustworthy team, but verify whatever you do.
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